Since 1985, our founder, Ted Taormina, has worked on the most exclusive of cars, from Lamborghini to Ferrari to Maserati to Bentley to Aston Martin to Rolls Royce to Shelby and more!


Our Mission

As passionate enthusiasts of exotic and classic cars, we want to make sure your pride and joy will stay on the roads for years to come, so we are here to restore them, service them, repair them, detail them, transport them, store them, and sell them.


Ted Taormina founded his own Taormina Imports in December 2010.

Ted’s extensive knowledge and experience as a Lamborghini and Ferrari specialist goes back over 30 years since he was trained and mentored in exotic car service by Al Burtoni of the famed Milano Imports in Gilroy, California, USA's very first Lamborghini dealership in 1968, and by Jim Feuling of Feuling Motors.

Ted has a history of also racing some of the cars he’s built over the years. He used to race Lamborghini Jotas he had worked on and prepared in official races in Nevada as well as at the Bonneville Salt Flats in the 1980’s. Last year, he raced his “Italian Job” Shelby Cobra replica to a world record-beating speed of 201.1 mph at the Mojave Mile.

What We DO

  • Full restoration of classic cars from the ground up

  • Service of all exotics (modern and classic) according to factory guidelines

  • Repair of all exotics (modern and classic) for when the impossible happens

  • Detail of all exotics (modern and classic) so you can shine at all concours events

  • Transportation of all exotics (modern and classic) to and from events

  • Storage of all exotics if you are running out of space at home

  • Acquisition and liquidation of all exotics whether from and to private parties or at auctions